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What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dental specialist that deals with inside of teeth, the middle spaces called the pulp system. The pulp system is the healthy tissue inside each tooth that maintains its health. There are blood vessels and nerves and lymph glands in addition to healthy immune cells that work together to keep the teeth in good health. When the pulp system gets infected due to decay, a cracked tooth or trauma, the tooth can be saved and used for many years if root canal treatment, a foundation restoration or build-up and a crown are placed. All of these disease processes allow bacteria to enter the inner spaces of the tooth, which cause inflammation, pain and pulp tissue necrosis.

Endodontists are highly trained in diagnosis of difficult oral disease cases, in delivery of local anesthesia for profound pain control, in treatment of nonsurgical root canal treatment with complex internal anatomy, in surgical procedures, in trauma cases, in cases to maintain the vitality of the tooth to allow complete development, in diagnosing various fractures of teeth to provide the correct treatment, in retreatment of failed root canal cases, in internal bleaching to improve tooth color when it is stained, in post operative pain management and in consultation with general dentists for comprehensive treatment plans.
The primary goal in endodontics is to preserve the natural dentition.

What is a root canal?

Root canal treatment is a well-tested procedure that has provided pain relief and has restored function and esthetics to patients. Root canal treatment is a safe procedure and has a high rate of success if properly performed.

A nonsurgical root canal procedure is a treatment that after profound anesthesia is obtained, the existing filling or restoration is removed, all decay and damaged tooth structure is removed, and all the diseased pulp tissue is removed. The pulp system spaces called the chamber and the canals are disinfected, shaped, dried and sealed with a root canal sealer or cement and a root canal filler. After the root canal is completed, a temporary filling or restoration is placed and the tooth is adjusted so it is not in the way of chewing or biting. At a later appointment the general dentist, who is in charge of the treatment plan rebuilds the tooth and prepares it for a crown if it is necessary. The root canal procedure should be pain free, most likely is completed in one appointment and is usually about an hour in length. Information specific for each patient situation and diagnosis is discussed so the patient knows what to expect in their case. It is very important to restore the tooth very soon after root canal treatment to protect the remaining tooth structure and the patients investment.

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