Dr. Armendariz

Dr. Monica Armendariz was born and raised in Turlock, CA. She completed her DDS degree at the University of California San Francisco. The need for bilingual dentists was a huge part of Dr. Armendariz’s drive to accomplish her career in dentistry. This desire to care for other Hispanics, and a little accident that involved her younger sister and a croquet ball, brought her to where she is today. When you come in for a visit, ask her about the magic she experienced as an 11 year old with her dentist restoring her chipped front tooth. It’s quite a story!

What Dr. Armendariz loves most about dentistry is being able to communicate with the patient about the care they need. “I can’t explain the joy I get from educating my patients about their oral health. My favorite part of the day is hearing a patient say, ‘Wow, I’ve never had a dentist explain something like this to me’. It makes me excited to come into work everyday, because I know there is someone’s life I will make a difference in.” – Dr. Armendariz.